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The question is, do YOU think you have what it takes?

PHP ArchitectRemote-onlyLaravel, React, NodeApply
React ExpertRemote-onlyNode, TypescriptApply
Python LoverRemote-onlyDjango, Flask, PostgresApply
Javascript NinjaRemote-onlyNode, Typescript, MongodbApply
.NET GuruRemote-onlyC#, .NET CoreApply
Mobile ArchitectRemote-onlyReact Native, Kotlin, IonicApply
iOS WarriorRemote-onlySwift, CocoaApply
Android WarriorRemote-onlyJava, KotlinApply
DevOps CaptainRemote-onlyAWS, VPC, TerraformApply
Data-Science CientistRemote-onlyPython, Numpy, PandaApply
Machine Learning GuruRemote-onlyPython, Neural networksApply
Java ExpertRemote-onlyHibernate, Maven, Spring bootApply
Stressed developer
Fabio Ferreira
What is like to be a Junior Developer?

Discover the ups and downs of being a Junior Developer and learn tips for cooping with yout boss, balance expectations and survive Day 1.

Team work
Adam Spencer
What is a Tech Leader and why you should have one in your team?

How does it differ from a Senior Engineer or a Product manager role? Should your team need one? Let’s find out!

End-to-End Testing
Fabio Ferreira
The problem with End-to-end Testing

It sounds like a good idea to implement end-to-end testing on your software. But is it really? Is that the only approach?

Agile image
Adam Spencer
Is Agile still relevant In Software Development?

Agile is essential in software development. It boosts productivity and drives corporate growth. Is Agile, however, still relevant today?

Technical debts makes you lose money
Fabio Ferreira
The Technical Debt problem and how to handle it

What is technical debt? Where does the analogy with real debt work? Most importantly, how should we deal with them?

Man stares at the webcam concerned about how to find the right candidate for the job
Adam Spencer
Hiring Software Engineers - How to find the right candidate?

As a recruiter, hiring great software engineers is a daunting task. What do you do when you have more applicants than positions available?