Frequently Asked Questions (for Companies)


What is Talendor?

How is Talendor different?

Is there a no-risk, trial period?

What if I'm not satifisfied with a contractor anymore?

Hiring Process / Screening

How does Talendor vet experts?

Would we have communication problems with the expert due to poor English skills?


Where are your gurus located?

Where do Talendor experts work from?

Is it possible to request a contractor to work on-site?

Intellectual Property

How is my Intellectual Property protected when working with Talendor experts?

Costs and Payment

Do I have to pay anything up ahead for the recruiting or the contract?

How often will I be billed?

How doest it cost to hire a Talendor expert?

What payment methods are acceptable?

Frequently Asked Questions (for candidates)


Why should I apply for a position at Talendor?

How can I join Talendor's marketplace of talents?

Hiring Process / Screening

What are the requirements to be part of Talendor's talent marketplace?

How does the hiring process works?

How hard is it to pass Talendor's hiring process?

Am I allowed to try again if I don't pass the technical interview?

Working at Talendor

Who is my boss when working at Talendor?

Can I work for multiple clients at the same time?

What if I have issues working with a Client?


I don't live in the USA. Can I still apply for a position?

Do I need to live within a specific timezone region?

Should I expect the client to request that I work on-site?

Salary / Rates

Who defines the hourly rate? Me, the client, or Talendor?

How does Talendor make payments?

How can I receive payments?

Are there any fees or cuts in my payment?

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