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After sending us the form above, we might be interested in your profile and contact you for a brief 15-minute call to better know you and understand where you are on your career path.

Technical interview

One of our senior specialists will conduct a technical interview based on your stack. Be ready for a deep technical discussion.

Practical Test

We'll prompt you to solve a task based on your stack. But don't worry. We won't ask you to solve any Hacker Rank sort of coding challenges. The practical test usually involves delivering a small real-world project with the best quality possible within the time provided.

Client interview

If you pass the technical interview and the practical test, congratulations! You're now the newest member of Talendor's marketplace of experts! We will then present you to our clients, and you might be invited to a brief interview directly with them so they can know you better.

You're hired!

If the client likes you, then congratulations! You're now officially ready to start working!

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