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Why Talendor?

1) Faster recruiting process

We take the burden of running technical interviews. Our recruiting process ensures that the developer meets our highest technical criteria. But of course, you'll be able to interview him yourself before making a final decision.

2) Dedicated engineers

If you decide to hire one of our engineers, he'll be working exclusively for you under the terms you define. You may consider him part of your internal team. Our engineers are not permitted to work for multiple clients simultaneously. When we say "dedicated," we mean it.

3) One invoice, pay as you go

It doesn't matter where the engineers you hired are located worldwide. No need to worry about how to transfer funds to Brazil, Poland, or Nigeria or worry about outbound taxes and currency conversion. We will issue a single invoice for you once a month in USD currency, and you'll be paying directly to Talendor.

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Worldwide talents

Talents are spread across the globe. We take the burden of finding where they are. Our vetting process ensures only the best software engineers become part of our talent marketplace.

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Recruiters Are Going Nuts Hiring These Tech Skills

Do you have what it takes?

Software Engineers

Whether you need a language/framework specialist, an experienced architect, or an entry-level developer, we got you covered!

UI/UX Designers

Truly creative, inspirational, and hands-on digital artists, that's the role model we target to be part of our marketplace.

Tech Leads / Managers

We seek experienced, top-level senior managers that excel at customer engagement and team management to be part of our community.

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