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Laravel developer

code: DLCYRD
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This is a full-time (remote) position.

We need someone who can rapidly comprehend how the Laravel based-system works, can swiftly examine the already produced sections related to his/her new tasks, and can go to work as soon as feasible.

One who communicates well and enjoys working as a team is who we're looking for. We prefer to work with people that have a positive attitude, are proactive, appreciate what they do, enjoy problem-solving, and are enthusiastic about the newest programming standards.

Finally, we're seeking someone who can own and direct the product.


  • +5 years of experience developing apps and at least 3 years of expertise with PHP 7+ and Laravel are required.
  • MySQL and other transactional database systems.
  • Git.
  • Docker skills are a plus.
  • RESTful API authoring and consumption experience
  • Debugging and optimizing processes and systems is a plus.
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Exceptional attention to detail
  • Passion for software development, learning, and growth.
  • An effective communicator who can explain, argue, and persuade a diverse range of stakeholders about your views.
  • Equally at ease managing projects with internal and external teams, rolling up your sleeves, and getting your hands dirty in the details.

What you'll be doing

Create new projects from the ground up while also getting your hands dirty with existing code. We see and deal with it all, and we like the variety!

Be exposed to various code bases, from the most recent to some older yet solid code.

Work with each project to understand the project's scope and requirements.

Prepare for releases, do extensive testing, including preliminary functional testing.

Help out other developers.

Make some truly remarkable product that makes a difference in people's lives.

As new technologies in relevant fields become available, suggest and try to implement them.

Create data models, adjust them, and use them behind a solid code set.

Work on numerous tasks simultaneously; trust us, it's never dull.

Interact with all project stakeholders to ensure clients are happy at all levels.

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How to become a Laravel expert?

Laravel is a PHP web framework. Thus you must be familiar with PHP before beginning the development process. Although it is based on the MVC architecture, its building pieces are PHP functions. To learn the art of designing exceptional online solutions with Laravel, one must be proficient in PHP. Aside from this programming language, it is also suggested that you master CSS and Javascript for better development.

What makes a great Laravel developer?

A superb Laravel developer is well-versed in PHP and the Laravel framework, as well as CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. They are also well-versed in MVC and OOP architectures.

Because Laravel is a PHP framework, you must first understand PHP before you can utilize it. This involves fundamental PHP knowledge, such as:

  • Objects
  • Array
  • Closures
  • Variable Type
  • Namespaces
  • Inheritance

It is difficult to learn programming without coding. So don't spend too much time reading books or watching videos without practicing. Instead, start coding as soon as possible. In fact, after completing each lesson or part, put it into practice right away.

The best starting point for learning Laravel is through their official documentation